Virginie Bernhard's biography

Professional for more than 25 years in re-education of traumatized or difficult horses, Virginie Bernhard sees herself more like a researcher than a trainer. Her continuous quest for the horse well-being makes her a complete autodidact. 

First of all Western riding trainer in the USA and Switzerland, she specialized in Reining, Trail and  cattle work during more than 10 years. She managed her own riding stable, a manege with 35 horses in La Sarraz, Romandy, Switzerland, where she trained hundreds of horses of all breeds and disciplines with the only goal to "clean up their traumas" and give them trust back again.

She also made a point of honour to teach a centered riding, with a lot of groundwork and riding position courses.

During this period she took part to many horse shows and their organization, between France and Switzerland, like "Le Prince" at Bern BEA and "Le Pardon" of J.-F. Pignon in Avenches. She also helped equine protection associations like "Le Refuge de Darwin".

Great traveler, she made many trips in the USA, in the northern Cheyenne tribe, in order to create an association to help disadvantaged young American Indians. She lived regularly with the "Mountain Men" in the Rocky Mountains.

In 2004, she worked with success with Markus Fuchs's mare La Toya III to help her to reinstate the world cup.

In 2008, she closed her riding stable, feeling called by new horizons.

She went to Mongolia, Amazonia, Peru, USA, Australia, Kenya, New-Zealand, Tunisia, France, New Caledonia, in order to train or study domesticated or wild horses and to offer many clinics.

She has been called by the Burgundy's natural space conservatory (France) to study, capture and tame 3 wild Tarpan stallions and by the Juraparc zoo in Vallorbe (Switzerland) in order to tame and look after 4 wild Przewalski mares, during 3 months of work in total immersion, based only on trust. This was an outstanding mission, unique in the world.

Her researches led her to acquire a deeper knowledge in horse care. She made a training in holistic hoof care (EPH school, Valais, Switzerland), and then a training in animal osteopathy in Jean-Michel Boudard's school in Etrechy, Paris, France.

During her numerous explorations, Virginie met a Master equerry, Joël Laugier, a real "osteopath" on horseback. She decided to follow him during several years in the south of France in order to learn his art, the French Tradition horse riding, according to François Baucher.

Today, after having worked more than 2000 horses, Virginie has settled in the Swiss Alps and she travels the world again to train high-level horses and continue her quest...

Listening to horses.

Esh Pewa

2010 - present
2010 - present